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Just how extraordinary can some people live from reality?

August 23, 2014

And now there’s a letter in Haaretz from Haim Oron, former leader of the left-wing Meretz party


‘I dare you to question the left’s loyalty to Israel’


This is longer than the previous letter I commented upon, but even more extraordinary!

Amongst the Paternalistic diatribe, he hones in on his paradigm:

We want to save the Zionist project

Then says the exact opposite:

I will continue to dream that we will have a society of solidarity here, egalitarian and without terrible disparities; I will continue to dream that full human rights will prevail here; and I will continue to dream that there will be a solution to the conflict.

Does he think that a two state solution is compatible to this?

Is the Zionist Project compatible to egalitarianism? or any modern pluralistic multicultural society?


He does admit that Palestine was not Terra Nullius

I was never a pacifist, and I also never deluded myself into thinking we came to an empty land and that the occupation is a caprice of people who see themselves as Wild West sheriffs.

But is the Israel Project the fantasy of Zionist who shouted down Israel Zangwill at the Territorialist Meeting in 1905?

or the “Wild West sheriff’s” allusion to The Convention of the Federation of American Zionists meeting in Tannersville in 1907?

Or was the Project finally a dream that came true because of Lord Balfour‘s declaration in 1918?

At no point does this project deal with equality, nor even settlement with the “natives” of Palestine.

Certainly by 1927 there was definite determination to build a monoethnic nation state and thus must entail occupation of a previously inhabited land. There’s no determination for an Egalitarian society without disparities back then.

So how can the Zionist Project in the terms of Mr Oron therefore be anything but routed to failure from the very start?

[Searching Jewish rabbi for hidden arms, Jerusalem] American Colony (Jerusalem). Photo Dept., photographer. [Photograph : 1920 ]

[Searching Jewish rabbi for hidden arms, Jerusalem]
American Colony (Jerusalem). Photo Dept., photographer.
[Photograph : 1920 ]

We live on a finite planet.

We are not all the same.

This is a modern world of globalisation, whether the proponents of a Zionist Project don’t believe the truth that their paradigm is a medieval, anachronistic, throw back to the colonisation of New World and thus missed it’s time and era. It will fail, but because of what it is Mr Oron, not for lack of political strategy.

I can only but wonder, why during this whole “Zionist Project” that no one, including Mr Oron’s predecessors thought to include Palestinians in their nation building plans?



Oh right, maybe the Left were as complicit as the Right? Irgun thought so.



And these whacko’s like MR Oron think they have the moral right to violently occupy and colonise, and then talk about right and wrong?


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