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Following on from yesterday’s discourse over dual nationality and playing soldiers

August 1, 2014

Here are some further additional resources that are relevant to yesterday’s post.

There’s a problem with private individuals going overseas to engage in activities involving the matriculation of arms:

They are not subject to our Laws of Armed Conflict and Rules of Engagement

ADDP 06.4

nor our Military Justice System

nor are subject to Commission of Inquiry reviews which are regularly presented to Parliament by the Minister for Defense.

Conduct of Australian Citizens overseas, whether they like it or not, would be seen to be vicariously representative of the Australian Nation, and their conduct of activities that involve use of force, or other nefarious activities will reflect upon the attitudes of people in those conflict zones upon Australia and Australians.

Thus they can compromise the safety of all Australians. They can make us a terror target, or Australians travelling overseas terror targets.

So think twice if you need to retain Australian Citizenship if you’re joining an overseas Army or do Aliyah just to keep your foreign dual nationality. Let me make it simple > Renounce Australian Citizenship 1st

And remember what happened to Ben Zygier. You probably won’t be need your Australian Passport to come back anyway.

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